The Big Red Rabbit: Secret Corners of the Heart

The Big Red Rabbit: Secret Corners of the Heart

Red Rabbit is a brilliant animated short film by Egmont Mayer, an allegory for the lives of non-social people. The film tells the story of a man who had lived all alone in a small apartment, until one day a few years ago when a rabbit suddenly appeared. Since that time, what little contact he previously had been having with other people dropped to zero after the rabbit turned up. Every attempt he made to get the rabbit out of his apartment failed, and since he wasn’t sure whether or not pets are allowed in the building, he hasn’t let anybody enter his apartment. Over the years, the rabbit has grown and grown and grown…it’s become like his huge, gigantic pet now. But it’s also a reminder that some habits start out small, yet end up growing into something potentially life-threatening!

At the very surprising end of the film, the big rabbit and another huge pet that appears on the scene, seem to stand for the secret corner in everyone’s heart…it can be somebody, a memory, some strange habit, that we don’t want to show to others. We keep them with us carefully, feed them and feel ourselves to be inferior to “normal” people, until one day the wall comes shattering down, and we find with surprise that even the most virtuous people around us also have their own “secret corners”

The Big Red Rabbit: Secret Corners of the Heart

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2 Responses to “The Big Red Rabbit: Secret Corners of the Heart”

  1. Davis Says:

    what a great piece — thanks for showing us

  2. Chew Says:

    This is poignantly impactful. Thank you so much for sharing this. Where or whom can I go to, to request permission to use this video?

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