Bananas: The Insatiable Greedy Urges of Banana Lust!

Bananas: The Insatiable Greedy Urges of Banana Lust!

Bananas is an extremely humorous 3-min. animated short film by Zach Parrish, which won a First Place Award in the 2009 SIGGRAPH Competition.  Bananas tells the funny story of a monkey named Bruce, who’s a subject in a behavior modification experiment.  The story explores the urges of  Bruce’s banana-lust, and just how far he’ll go to satisfy his greedy desires.  Bruce really wants a banana, but when he’s given one banana, he wants even more.  He gets a little bit greedy and becomes extremely upset when his new-found supply of delicious bananas seems to dry up. Suddenly, he starts to imagine the sounds of that sad old song, “Yes, we have no bananas….”  Finally, he does get what’s coming to him, but it’s a very big surprise and not at all what he was expecting!

Bananas: The Insatiable Greedy Urges of Banana Lust!

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2 Responses to “Bananas: The Insatiable Greedy Urges of Banana Lust!”

  1. RENGACORP Says:

    We create an artificial demand in order to test the available supply. Nice movement. Reminds me of early Pixar: a clearly defined inner dialogue.

  2. severny productions Says:

    good stuff

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