In the Moment: A Celebration of Everyday Life

In the Moment: A Celebration of Everyday Life

Moments is a stunning short film by filmmaker Will Hoffman, in collaboration with New York City’s Radio Lab.  At first glance, the film is simply a mere collection of ordinary moments, such as: a falling teardrop, an escaped balloon, a dive into a pool, a school bus.  But far from being just a mundane series of images, Moments ends up delivering a cascade of visual poignancy that makes you realize how universal these glimpses are.  It’s so very powerfully engaging, like taking your whole life and strolling it past a long hall of mirrors.

The film is evidence that even the smallest things we see everyday, when carefully framed, can ache with ignored beauty. There is an infinite potential of unrealized moments in the experiences of our everyday lives, which points to the over-arching importance of living neither in the distant past nor in the far reaches of the future, but rather in our everyday experiences of the here-and-now.

In the Moment: A Celebration of Everyday Life

(Best Viewed Here in HD Full-View)

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