Construct: Visual Creations of Colorful Imaginary Urban Buildings That Don’t Exist

The Open Heart, 2008

Stairwell, 2008

Fear to Tread, 2008

Recursive, 2007

Escapist, 2008

Euphoria, 2008

Delicates, 2007

Construct: Visual Creations of Colorful Imaginary Urban Buildings That Don’t Exist

Photography by:  Laura Kicey

Construct is an ongoing project by photographer Laura Kicey, which represents the interplay between architecture and visual culture, a particularly unique approach to the modern creative exploration of architecture and urban propositions in the contemporary arts.  Kicey is a photographer and artist based just outside of Philadelphia (PA).  Her art has been shown in a number of regional galleries and has appeared in numerous publications internationally.

The series of images presented here is a collection of architectural building facades in Philadelphia that do not exist.  The combined details of the buildings are the artistic result of Laura Kicey’s ongoing photo-explorations that use photographic parts blended together; the intricate details of doors, bricks, peeling paint and mortar are blended in ways that give each of  the recreated buildings new perspectives, colors and settings of their own.

The Construct series began about two years ago, when Kicey began experiencing health problems that prevented her from being as mobile as she previously had been.  At about the same time, she was examining her archive of photos and noticed that she had a large number of images of architectural details that had never been used as photographs on their own.  It occurred to Kicey that she could use them to build her own buildings, so that while she was no longer able to be out exploring, she could make her own places of imaginary escape.

Kicey began creating places that were comprised of detailed images from settings and locations to which she had been in the past.  She combined signage, windows, doors, fire escapes, walls, boards, painted on typography and plants together to create new places with altered colors and orientation.  In each of her visionary architectural works there are elements both of reality and of the impossible; they’re not “perfect designs”and couldn’t necessarily exist at all in three dimensions.  Still, they represent places that Kicey wishes she could visit and see, and she finds that creating them is quite comforting.

Hideaway, 2007

Slide Show: Construct/Visual Creations of Colorful Imaginary Urban Buildings That Don’t Exist

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Wild Wind: The Eternally Holy Triumph of Rabid Possum Hair

Wild Wind: The Eternally Holy Triumph of Rabid Possum Hair

Wild Wind is a 2-min. short flash movie directed by 21-year-old Leonardo Campasso, an animator in Buenos Aires.  The animated short was an experiment by Campasso that combines pixel-style characters with traditional cartoon animation principles. The results are a lot of fun and prove that one need not necessarily associate pixel animation with stilted, boring movement.  Campasso claims that he created Wild Wind in his spare time, but I personally think he made it during the many days he was probably incarcerated in Buenos Aires’ Holy Sistine Chapel of Bad Hair.  But as for me, I ought to consider myself a pretty lucky guy, since I never cared much about my hair, however short or long it was.  But if you do, then you might easily empathize with the plight of the poor fellow in this humorous short animation.

Wild Wind: The Eternally Holy Triumph of Rabid Possum Hair

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