Photos of the Day: Echoes of a Modified Reality

Photos of the Day: Echoes of a Modified Reality

Photography by:  Zefram Cochrane

Echoes is a selection of photographs from an ongoing project created by photographer Zefram Cochrane, which he describes as a visual representation of the song Echoes by Pink Floyd.  He explains that he visualizes the project as an audio-video performance, in which the different moods, tensions, inner visions and hallucinations coming from the music are translated into images synchronized with it.

According to Zefram, “Reality is often limited, trivial and tone-less, far from being able to directly represent what is in a creative mind.  So my major effort is both to modify reality to let the latent image impressed on the film match what it was intended to represent in my mind.  As reality modification is the basic brick of my creative process, my work can maybe viewed as photography of ‘ephemeral sculptures.’  Indeed, I feel that this broad definition could fit.”

Pink Floyd: Echoes/Live at Pompeii-Part I

Slide Show: Echoes of a Modified Reality

(Please Click Image to View Slide Show)

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