Patti Smith’s Objects of Life: Melancholy Meditations

Patti Smith’s Objects of Life: Melancholy Meditations

In 2008, Patti Smith was the subject of Patti Smith: Land 250 at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporaine, Paris.  This short film was Patti Smith’s introduction to her rich multi-layered installation at Fondation Cartier in Paris, which reflected 40 years of her more personal visual art-making and creative expression.  Her most recent photographic exhibition, Objects of Life, opened in New York City in January, 2010.  Inspired by the process of discovery during 11 years of filming, this installation features a selection of photographs, video, and a rare unseen painting by Smith, as well as some of her  personal belongings.

The short film from Patti Smith’s 2008 appearance at the Fondation Cartier, photographs from that installation, photographs from her new exhibition, Objects of Life, and an extensive slide show that includes photographs from both exhibitions are presented below.

Patti’s Smith Polaroids: Melancholy Meditations

Slide Show: Patti Smith’s Objects of Life/Melancholy Meditations

(Please Click on Image to View Slide Show)

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