Please Say Something: A Breakneck Heartbreak Uncut Turbodrama

Please Say Something: A Breakneck Heartbreak Uncut Turbodrama

Please Say Something is a groundbreaking contemporary 3D animated short film by Irish filmmaker David O’Reilly.  Currently being shown at The Sundance Film Festival, this ten-minute masterpiece firmly establishes O’Reilly as one of the most exciting and inventive young animators working today.  Please Say Something won the Golden Bear for Best Short Film at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival and the prestigious Cartoon d’Or 2009 for Best European Animated Short Film.  The film, set in the far-off future, is the story of a difficult relationship between a very emotional cat and her husband, a mouse.  The raft of marital crises is shown in  a jigsaw-like puzzle of 23 distinct episodes, lasting 25 seconds each, which O’Reilly describes as a “30-Second Breakneck Heartbreak Uncut Turbodrama.”  The film evokes a great deal of emotion, sensitivity and much to think about.  It presents a very humane story, with characters who can make you laugh and feel sad at the same time

The whole of the film is much more than the sum of its 23 different impressive parts, but in an effort to be a little helpful, here’s a brief “CliffNotes” version of this turbocharged short film.  The episodes begin with the woman (cat) sitting at home bored, while the man (mouse) is overworked and preoccupied, failing to understand her situation.  Outside is a maelstrom, and gaudy or aggressive shapes loom out of shopfronts, while characters have to struggle against what seems like a hurricane.  Inside the hauntingly silent house, a cup of tea fails to satisfy the poor woman, who ends up banging her head up against television screen.  The man then visits his wife in the hospital to comfort her, but later we see that the man ends up completing his work in an empty home devoid of the woman, swearing as he sits facing the television.  Clearly, he misses his wife, but he’s swearing about the missing remote control, not about her.  As the pair return to their apartment to take their final bows, what they have undergone has its roots in a reality that transcends the minimalistic screen presence.

Please Say Something: A Breakneck Heartbreak Uncut Turbodrama

Slide Show: A Breakneck Heartbreak Uncut Turbodrama

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