Being Boring: A Lament for Friends Lost

Being Boring: A Lament for Friends Lost

I bolted through a closing door,
All the people I was kissing,
Some are here and some are missing,
In the nineteen nineties.

The Sundance Channel has just launched the first online exhibition from acclaimed filmmaker and photographer Bruce Weber, entitled Gone Fishing: A Little Journey in My BackyardThe exhibition includes more than 70 photographs, videos from many of his films, as well as a wealth of information about Weber himself.  The exhibition also presents the Bruce Weber-directed Pet Shop Boys’ video Being Boring, in its entirety.

Being Boring may well be the most beautiful thing the Pet Shop Boys ever recorded, a song that deals with youth, beauty, sex and the intimation of death in the face of the devastation wrought by the AIDS crisis.  Over a lush musical soundscape of warm basslines and sustained strings, Neil Tennant opens up lyrically, but it’s with the last of the three verses that Being Boring really makes its magic felt, as the tone shifts from one of gentle reminiscence to become a lament for friends lost.  That verse takes on an extra sense of poignancy with the knowledge that Tennant had recently lost a close friend to AIDS, but in spite of  that the song retains an air of positivity: it’s more a celebration of life than a mourning of death.

Being Boring: A Lament for Friends Lost

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