The Controversial Art of Robert Mapplethorpe

The Controversial Art of Robert Mapplethorpe

This piece is a tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe and is comprised of photographs, a video and slide show that present selected works dating from 1969 to 1988.  The photographs focus on three traditional genres: still life, nudes and portraits.  Mapplethorpe’s photography captures a stark beauty, often implying a more ominous and forbidding world of sexuality and violence.  His artistic work, frequently controversial, invests his still life and portrait subjects with an erotic charge that transforms and ennobles them.  Mapplethorpe’s photography captures the peak of bloom, the apogee of power, the most seductive instant and the ultimate present that stops time and delivers the perfect moment into history.  Speaking to his influence on the world of modern art, photography will never be the same.

The Controversial Art of Robert Mapplethorpe

Slide Show: Robert Mapplethorpe/The Perfect Moment

(Please Click Image to View Slide Show)

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