Pivot: A High-Tension, Frantic Murder Chase

Pivot: A High-Tension, Frantic Murder Chase

Pivot is a highly stylized, stunningly original five-minute animated short film by Dutch filmmakers Kevin Megens, Floris Vos, Arno de Grijs and André Bergs.  The film was an Official Nominee for Best Short Film at the Dutch Film Festival.  Pivot treats the viewer to a mood and atmosphere similar to film-noir, while at the same time engaging its audience with the high tension and frantic pace of a horror movie.

In its essence, Pivot is a cat and mouse story, about a hunter versus his prey, but it’s a short film made with such panache and vigor that it must be one of the best of its type.  In the film, a photographer witnesses a murder and takes pictures of the killer, but then he’s forced to run for his life.  During the chase he’s finally able to turn the tables on the murderer, and the prey becomes the hunter.  But it all culminates in an unfortunate ending.

Pivot: A High-Tension, Frantic Murder Chase

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