Becoming: Nature’s Sensually Choreographed Battle with Man

Becoming: Nature’s Sensually Choreographed Battle with Man

Becoming is an acclaimed, stunningly beautiful short film created by Ayelén Liberona and Joseph Johnson Camí at Canada’s Wandering eye Productions.  The film is about a mythical woodland creature who is called upon to fight a battle with Man.  It mixes together beautiful imagery in the form of beautiful costumes and locations, as well as the beauty of movement by the main character, a mythical being named Idolamantis, an ancient woman who moves like a praying mantis.

Man is garbed in old jeans with a rope for a belt.  Barefoot and bare-chested, he is the epitome of the archetypal peasant, straining at trying to make a living.  The great shock for Man, and for the viewer, occurs when Idolamantis is caught in mid-air as she literally comes in for a landing on top of him.  What follows is an erotic, yet vicious duet for the two charismatic performers.  We have pushed nature to the limit and she is fighting back; the slinky, seductive, reptilian Idolamantis wins the day.

Becoming: Nature’s Sensually Choreographed Battle with Man

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