Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden: A Night of Championship Euphoria

Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden: A Night of Championship Euphoria

Wednesday night, Arcade Fire radiantly illuminated Madison Square Garden, filling the packed arena with wildly rapturous sounds, as thousands clapped on command.  Arcade Fire crony Owen Pallett started things off with looping, atmospheric violins, as if consecrating the space.  The band then filled the stage with nine musicians, swapped instruments at will, banged on hand-held drums with sticks and open palms, twirled, stomped, bounced, and danced, giving their complex, precise arrangements an almost ridiculous sense of wildness.  This may be as close as Madison Square Garden will get to championship euphoria for a long time.

Arcade Fire: Wake Up (Unstaged)

Arcade Fire: Rococo (Unstaged)

Arcade Fire: Empty Rooms (Unstaged)

Arcade Fire: We Used to Wait (Unstaged)

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