Trainset Ghetto: Ultra Realistic Miniature Slum Landscapes

Trainset Ghetto: Ultra Realistic Miniature Slum Landscapes

Photography by:  Peter Feigenbaum, NYC

Trainset Ghetto is a series of photographs by Peter Feigenbaum that features increasingly bizarre and phantasmagorical juxtapositions of time, scale, and neighborhood architectural vernaculars, in which his invented, rubble-strewn New York City 1970s miniature slum landscape collides with the almost-gentrified brownstone environment of south Park Slope.  Feigenbaum’s ultra-realistic railroad sets include all the graffiti and urban decay of a typical downtown stroll.

Trainset Ghetto: Miniature Slum Landscapes

Slide Show: Trainset Ghetto/Ultra Realistic Miniature Slum Landscapes

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