Insomnia: The World in the Evening

Insomnia: The World in the Evening

The restlessness welled insatiable inside me.”

Insomnia is a quietly moving short film by Bell Soto, a photographer based in New York City.  Soto has shot exclusive collections from fashion designers including Dior Hommer, Veronique Branquihno and Xavier Delcour.

Insomnia can be regarded as the desperate anthem of the lonely, a song about love and the ceaseless, furtive search for love, set in the neon-lit world of urban America, the night-time worlds of New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and the French Quarter of New Orleans.  America at night transforms its dark cities into the unmistakable shape of loneliness.  In the solitude of dark evening, there is nothing left but the night, the night that is like a long voyage on which you can feel the body laboring its way through life, resembling the pounding of the engines and the straining of the hull of a ship at sea.

Insomnia: The World in the Evening

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