Civic Haze: Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Urban Life

Civic Haze: Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Urban Life

Photography by:  Maria Ines Manchego, NYC and New Zealand

Civic Haze is a photographic-essay by Maria Ines Manchego, a visual artist currently living in New York City.  Her photographs present an urban landscape portrayed by images reflective of emotional vacancy and loneliness, of memories isolated from their origins, a documentary of a city’s unconscious.  The images are mysterious, with features of noir photography.  The hazy atmosphere creates a sense of uncertainty and ambiguity, about both time and place.  It’s neither night nor day; it’s in-between, like a liminal moment.  Although the photographs were inspired by life in New York City, they convey the sense of an anonymous city, rather than of a specific location.

Slide Show: Civic Haze/Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Urban Life

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