Frankie: A 15 Year-Old Boy Attempts to Overcome His Circumstances

Frankie: A 15 Year-Old Boy Attempts to Overcome His Circumstances

Frankie is an award-winning short film directed by the Irish filmmaker Darren Thornton, produced for Calipo Pictures.  Frankie is 15 years-old and preparing for fatherhood.  He’s determined to be the best dad ever: he reads up on prenatal care, buys baby clothes, and lugs a baby doll around for practice.  However, as his day goes on, Frankie begins to realize how impossible this might be for him.  Stacked against him is an absence of role models; Frankie’s own father deserted him when he young, and as he carts the doll around town, Frankie points out the extent of the social meltdown in his Irish town.

It is easy for a film with this subject matter to play it sentimentally sweet.  If Frankie can overcome his circumstances, it becomes an inspiring story of maturity, responsibility and man’s ability to overcome his surroundings.  But Frankie’s on the fast track to becoming a piece of work himself.  Rebellious by nature, conflict follows him wherever he goes: the clinic where he tries to take a lamaze class, the courts which he frequents for shoplifting and fighting, and the school from which he already has dropped out.  While we cheer the earnest sincerity in Frankie’s voice about his wishes for self-improvement, the film remains ambiguous and doesn’t encourage us to have blind faith in happy endings.

Frankie: A 15 Year-Old Boy Attempts to Overcome His Circumstances

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