In Almost Every Picture: The Shooting Gallery

In Almost Every Picture: The Shooting Gallery

In Almost Every Picture: Shooting Gallery is a chronological series of photographs that began in 1936, when a 16 year-old Dutch girl picked up a gun and shot at the target in a fairground shooting gallery.  When she hit the target, it triggered the shutter of a camera, and a portrait of the girl in the firing pose was taken and given as a prize.  Ria van Dijk has continued to shoot her own portrait for the past seventy years.  She has used a rifle rigged to a camera at the various fairs she’s attended, getting a photograph every time she hit the bull’s-eye.  This series documents almost every year of the woman’s life up until present times, and at the age of 88 she still makes her pilgrimages to the Shooting Gallery.

In Almost Every Picture: The Shooting Gallery

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