Beyond Color: Early Works in American Color Photography (1950-1970)

Beyond Color: Early Works in American Color Photography (1950-1970)

Beyond Color is a stunning collection of vintage color photographs presented by the Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York City.  The photographs represent a re-examination of a pivotal period in photography’s short history, when the artistic relevance of color in fine art photography had not yet been determined.  Over the past forty years, work in color created by artists during this formative period has received little attention.

This collection brings together for the first time works by many of the first generation practitioners of color photography, including artists Marie Cosindas, Arthur Seigel, Harry Callahan, Eliot Porter, Saul Leiter, Marvin E. Newman, Pete Turner, Ruth Orkin Ernst Haas and  Inge Morath.  Beyond Color attempts to reclaim this moment of photographic history that only today has begun to receive critical attention.

Beyond Color: Color in American Photography, 1950-1970

Slide Show: Beyond Color/Early Works in American Color Photography

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