Baby Time: A Slapstick Race Against Time

Baby Time: A Slapstick Race Against Time

Baby Time is an HD-3D short film, part of the Philips Parallel Lines series of films.  The Phillips collection consists of original short films using the same brief six-line dialogue, which this year was: “What is that?  It’s a unicorn.  I’ve never seen one up close before.  Beautiful.  Get away, Get away.  I’m sorry.”

Baby Time is a very creative, slapstick short film directed by Cédric Petitcollin, which won the People’s Voice Award in the 2010 Philips Global Film-Making Contest.  The film tells the story of a hapless actor clad in a unicorn costume, who is trying desperately to reach his wife in the hospital before she has their baby.

Baby Time: A Slapstick Race Against Time

(Best Viewed in HD Full-Screen Mode)

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