Classic Bump n’ Grind: The Old Time Burlesque

Classic Bump n’ Grind: The Old Time Burlesque

Long before strippers started twirling on shiny brass poles in G-strings, men would get goofy watching women twirl their pasties at the old-timey burlesque shows.  America’s big cities often had dozens of burlesque theaters that featured bodacious babes in barely-there costumes, at least until prudish city officials started banning the shows.  But with the neo-burlesque movement coming back into vogue, and with Christina Aguilera and Cher co-starring in the new movie, Burlesque, here’s a fond look back at the heyday of burlesque.

Old Time Burlesque: Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

Variety Girls: The Old Time Burlesque Dancers

Slide Show: Classic Bump n’ Grind/The Old Time Burlesque

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