Nude Visions: 150 Years of Nude Photography

Nude Visions: 150 Years of Nude Photography

Nude Visions: 150 Years of Nude Photography is a collection of photographs representing the unclothed human body, images that have exuded a great fascination ever since time began.  The series of photographs presented here were selected from the exhibition Nude Visions held earlier this year at Museum Fur Kunst und Gewerbe (MKG), in Hamburg, Germany.  The exhibition invited visitors to embark on a journey through a collection of images of the human body that spanned 150 years.

Nude photography is always a process of negotiation between revealing and concealing, unveiling the ambivalence about what is visible and what is unseen, between shame and curiosity, of legitimation and provocativeness. How the naked body is treated is closely bound up with the specific social context in which it occurs, the ideas of morality and the aesthetic ideal of an era.  The subject of the nude or nudity is always influenced by both the historical artistic tradition and by the reactions to contemporary impulses, which in turn are interpreted by the photographer.  Images which were still regarded as being scandalous at the beginning of the 20th century, triggering moral misgivings and controversy about a subject perceived as being delicate, hardly bring a blush to the face of anyone living today.  It is not only the motifs which have evolved over the years, but also the reproducibility of the images, as well as the extent and manner in which media coverage of them has impacted the awareness and significance of nakedness in society.

Nude Visions: 150 Years of Nude Photography, MKG, Germany

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