The Madagascar Penguins: A Christmas Caper

The Madagascar Penguins: A Christmas Caper

The Madagascar Penguins: A Christmas Caper is a wickedly funny computer-animated 12-minute short film that showcases the adventures of four penguins, known as the Madagascar Penguins, who live in the Central Park Zoo and are trained as spies.

In the story, the youngest penguin on the team slips out of the zoo on Christmas Eve to find a present for a lonely polar bear.  While roaming the streets of Manhattan, he is captured by an old lady, who purchases him as a chew toy for her vicious poodle.  The other three penguins rescue the little one from the old lady’s apartment before it is too late.  They have an intense fight against the evil poodle, and when they’re done, they blow the apartment’s door up with dynamite and leave the vicious poodle to take the blame for what the penguins have done.

The Madagascar Penguins: A Christmas Caper

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