The Bubbles: They Just Didn’t Work!

The Bubbles: They Just Didn’t Work!

Bubble (Burbuja) is a sexy, wickedly funny short film by the Spanish filmmakers Pedro Casablanc and Gabriel Olivares.  The film tells a story of the sexy escapades of Margaret and Pili, two girlfriends living in a sleepy, little town.  Margaret dreams of getting her driver’s license, buying a  new car and leaving the town forever.  But until then, she and Pili have to depend on Pili’s brother, Horten, to pick them up and drive them around on their sexy hijinks.  And they certainly take a big advantage of the situation, and as often as they can!  However, one day poor Margaret is shocked to learn that she’s pregnant: her old reliable method of bubbly contraception has failed to work.  Ooops!!

The Bubbles: They Just Didn’t Work!

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