Wisdom Teeth: A Pain of Unreasonable Proportions

Wisdom Teeth: A Pain of Unreasonable Proportions

Wisdom Teeth is a wickedly funny animated short film by the sick genius Don Hertzfeldt.  It has just been named as one of the thirty-three films that have fulfilled the qualifications necessary to be considered in the category of Best Animated Short for 2010 Academy Awards.  The film has already made quite a splash at a number of film festivals.

Wisdom Teeth was first spotted as a surprise conclusion to the last three Evening with Don Hertzfeldt touring programs in Ottawa and Montreal in October 2009.  According to Hertzfeldt, in January 2010 the film drunkenly revealed itself at the Sundance Film Festival, punched a woman in the mouth and ran off into the snow without pants.  It next showed up at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, where it stumbled into the room cursing God with vodka on its breath.  The short allegedly made a lewd gesture before disappearing again in a cloud of biting ants.

Wisdom Teeth is about Nigel, who’s just had his wisdom teeth removed.  A friend asks to pull out one of his stitches, and Nigel reluctantly gives in to his friend’s seemingly innocent request.  From that point on, things go painfully downhill for poor Nigel, and his agonizing ordeal ends up becoming very surreal.

Wisdom Teeth: A Pain of Unreasonable Proportions

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