Runaway: A Comical Criticism of the Bourgeoisie

Runaway: A Comical Criticism of the Bourgeoisie

Runaway is an award-winning, cleverly satirical animated short film by the Canadian animator Cordell Barker.  Like many acclaimed animators, new work from him is a rare and eagerly awaited occurrence.  Runaway is just his third short film, after the Oscar-nominated The Cat Came Back in 1988 and the Oscar-nominated Strange Invaders in 2001.

The film is full of cartoonish antics and revolves around an undefined moment in the eighteenth century, recreating the journey of a locomotive that collides with an unhurried cow as it crosses the tracks and rapidly begins to hurtle wildly out of control.  As the situation becomes more dire a class-conflict breaks out, and while naturally there are victims, in the end everyone turns out to be equal.

Runaway: A Comical Criticism of the Bourgeoisie

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