Ah, L’Amour: A Very Bitter Quest for Love

Ah, L’Amour: A Very Bitter Quest for Love

Ah, L’Amour is a darkly humorous two-minute animated short film by cult animator and Academy Award nominee Don Hertzfeld.  The film was produced at the age of 18 during Don’s freshman year at UC/Santa Barbara for a beginning film production class, and it was never intended to be screened publicly.

The movie initially saw limited action at film festivals, because Don was embarrassed by it.  He was also afraid of being pelted with rocks by angry women, until screenings revealed that women in the audience usually cheered very loudly for the cartoon girls, and always applauded much louder than the men.  Ah, L’Amour ended up becoming a very popular cult film, and in 1998 it was awarded the HBO Comedy Arts Festival’s Grand Prize Award for “World’s Funniest Cartoon.”

Ah, L’Amour is based on man’s eternal and very difficult search for love, in this case the grueling and determined quest of our very sad hero, “Caffeine.”  Hopefully, this is not the reality… Very funny… Enjoy it!!

Ah, L’Amour: A Very Bitter Quest for Love

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