Tripling: Playing Dress-Up to Disrupt Identity Politics

The Compatibilty Quiz

Paint by Number

Triplet Crime


Table for Three

Black and White

Triplet Pregnancy, Too

Tripling: Playing Dress-Up to Disrupt Identity Politics

Triiibe is a performance collective that originated in 2006 when performance artists and identical triplets, Alicia, Kelly and Sara Casilio joined creative forces with noted documentary photographer, Cary Wolinsky. Together, Triiibe creates political and social commentary through art using performance, video and photography. They explore diverse ideas together and their collective voice allows them to reach a broad audience. The images their exhibitions are carefully constructed observations on identity and the politics of identity. The works ask questions such as: How are we the same? How are we different? What is feminine? What is masculine? What role goes gender play in politics?

In 2009, Triiibe had their first solo exhibition of photographs at Gallery Kayafas. They unveiled a solo exhibition in Boston University’s 11,000-square-foot gallery 808 in the fall of 2010. Their current show at DODGEgallery is Triiibe’s New York debut.

Triiibe: In Search of Eden

Triiibe: Bailout and Bonuses

Slide Show: Tripling/Playing Dress-Up to Disrupt Identity Politics

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