An Intriguing Slice of Crooked Life: Gorgeous Vintage Mug Shots

First Degree Murder

Publicly Cavorting with a Group of Improper, if Very Alluring, Ladies

These Ladies!

Accused of Baby-Snatching

Public Indecency. To Wit, the Hair

Gold-Digging. And Subsequent Murder When Things Weren’t Happening Quickly Enough

We Have No idea What These Two Did, But We Sure Know Who the Ringleader Was

An Intriguing Slice of Crooked Life: Gorgeous Vintage Mug Shots

These solemn portraits are, in fact, vintage mug shots of old-time scallywags and scoundrels. They’re from a collection of beautifully candid mug shots found on the website of Australia’s Justice and Police Museum. The modern mug shot is seldom a work of art. Suspects are dragged into the police station and immediately photographed in whatever sorry state they happened to be in at the time they committed the crime, and the perfunctory snapshots are taken with no concern for lighting or style. In addition, they have to hold up those awful printed signs. How terribly cold and cruel our modern age! However, we had no idea how beautiful mug shots could be until we came across these gems. The photographs are haunting and resplendent in their depth, all weathered and written-on, and the faces of the criminals speak untold volumes. Click through the slide show for the best photographs of dirty old crooks you’ll ever see.

Vintage Mug Shots: Gods Gonna Cut You Down

Slide Show: An Intriguing Slice of Crooked Life/Gorgeous Vintage Mug Shots

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