Hambuster: The Bloody Revenge of Crazy-Mad Hamburgers!!

Hambuster: The Bloody Revenge of Crazy-Mad Hamburgers!!

Holy $%*&@!!! Supinfocom, the famous French animation school, has given us some ridiculously fun and outrageous student short films, but Hambuster may just take the prize as the most gleefully bugnuts of them all!

Hambuster is a wickedly funny six-minute 3D stereoscopic short film, co-directed by five students from Supinfocom Arles. 
Now, anyone who spends time eating their way around restaurant-obsessed America knows that when it comes to food, we are now living in a brave new burger world. America is awash in hamburger options, from business-lunch burgers, to chic nightclub sliders, to great hamburger creations to eat while you sit on a bench in the park, or even better, delicious burgers delivered piping-hot right to your seat while you watch a ballgame.

Maybe today you just might like having yourself a good juicy hamburger for lunch, while sitting in a peacefuly quiet place in the neighborhood park. But what if your lunch doesn’t like that idea at all, goes absolutely crazy-mad and decides to attack you? Out in the street everyone can hear your loud and bloody screams, but honestly who cares?

Hambuster: The Bloody Revenge of Crazy-Mad Hamburgers!!

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