Furry Fury: Carrot vs. Ninja

Furry Fury: Carrot vs. Ninja

Carrot vs. Ninja is a dark and quirky three-minute animated short film that’s an insane action romp inked and directed by Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, with character design and VFX by The Mill L.A. The hunter becomes the hunted in this short film with a surprising twist. It starts out innocently enough, as a guy drives his muscle car down a stretch of desert highway. Distracted by what might be road kill or its distant cousin, he pulls over to investigate and a ghoulish adventure ensues.

The film combines a clichéd cocky rock ‘n’ roll guy, a muscle car, a Western road movie setting and a darkly wacky Ninja element. While at first you think that you’ve seen it all before, as the story unfolds it gets progressively stranger and less predictable. Nothing is what it seems in Carrot vs. Ninja.

Furry Fury: Carrot vs. Ninja

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