Nothing Personal: I’d Just Rather Be a Sexy Picture

Nothing Personal: I’d Just Rather Be a Sexy Picture

Nothing Personal is a six-minute short art film directed by the acclaimed photographer Matt Black for Black Palm Films, featuring Paz de la Huerta with original music by unkle. We’ve been seeing a goodly generous amount of Paz de la Huerta’s sexy body and bountiful boobs these past few months on Boardwalk Empire, not to mention her awkward wardrobe malfunction outside the LA’s Chateau Marmont. Now, exceeding both of those, Paz de la Huerta is seen inside the Chateau Marmont getting it on with some lucky actor in this steamy cinematic adventure. The first three minutes is all about Paz grinding it up, then the next basically explain the point of the film.

And just what is the point you may ask? The difference between making love and sex, that love provides a personal fulfillment that sex can’t accomplish. Sex is a very superficial way of appreciating people. And maybe even more to the point, narcissism is a very harsh friend.

Nothing Personal: I’d Just Rather Be a Sexy Picture

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