Chinese Sentiment: A Poetic and Intimate View of China

Chinese Sentiment: A Poetic and Intimate View of China

Photography by: Shen Wei, New York City

Shanghai-born photographer Shen Wei has developed an international reputation, with numerous awards and exhibitions to his credit. Shen says he was bought up “strictly and conservatively,” in Mainland China, but since relocating to New York City, his desire for self- expression has grown. His earlier collection of photographs, Almost Naked, was a series of portraits and occasional still-life images that explored how others have dealt with the emotionally complex issue of identity.

America primarily knows China as a far-away giant, a distant country of industrialism and gigantic cities. Shen Wei’s new series of photographs, Chinese Sentiment, provides us with new views and brings China closer, with more mystery and less smog. Shen commented on this collection, saying “The scale of the ultra-modern China is obviously quite pictorial and stunning. But China is much more than just skyscrapers and the Yangtze River. I am interested in seeking a poetic, intimate, and romantic China. Since 2008, I’ve traveled to numerous cities and villages all over China, with a goal of finding my authentic China.”

Shen Wei: Almost Naked

Photo-Gallery: Chinese Sentiment

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Arnold Gets Cheeky: Pumping Iron to Funky Disco Tunes!!

Arnold Gets Cheeky: Pumping Iron Funky Disco Tunes!!

Hey, look who it is! It’s Arnold and he’s back, and with more energy! This time, he’s accompanied by a groovy disco-funk backdrop and teaches us the proper rhythm to his muscle-strengthening push-ups. Luke Million makes this track real fun. Get those hand-claps going!

Luke Million: Arnold

Slide Show: Arnold Schwarzenegger Bares It All…Almost…

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