A Home Full of Art: A Consumerist Nightmare

Paintings by: Jessica Rohrer

A Home Full of Art: A Consumerist Nightmare

Oakridge Road is a series of paintings by Jessica Rohrer, which is currently on exhibition at New York City’s PPOW Gallery. The paintings are meticulous, stylized portraits of her home’s interiors and domestic commodities, which have the visual lure of advertising, but they’re not selling anything, merely asking you to look.

A highly organized closet filled with clothes, a collection of every brand of cleaning product you can imagine, a totally antiseptic kitchen, the cornucopia of processed foods in the refrigerator, the dining room and its empty furniture, views out windows of the perfect neighborhood: all this and much more Ms. Rohrer paints with an almost eerie objectivity. In this vacuum-sealed artificial paradise, utopia turns into dystopia, the American Dream becomes a consumerist nightmare.

Read more about this exhibition in The New York Times here.

Photo-Gallery: A Home Full of Art/A Consumerist Nightmare

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