The Last NASA Space Shuttle Launches Safely Into Orbit

The Last NASA Space Shuttle Launches Safely Into Orbit

The last mission in NASA’s decades-long space shuttle program is now underway. As rain clouds hovered ominously and the countdown began to the 135th departure in the 30-year-old shuttle program, the crowd at Canaveral grew still and anxious. Then, Atlantis rocketed safely into orbit on Friday at 11:29 a.m. EDT and is now flying at 17,500 mph around the Earth. The mission will catch up with the International Space Station in two days. The launch of the Atlantis space shuttle marked the last in NASA’s history, closing out a government-funded space program that lasted for 30 years.

Below is the NASA video of the final Atlantis launch. In addition, a second video shows the launching of  space shuttles spanning over three decades, including: the Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour, which flew a total of more than 100 missions.

The Atlantis Space Shuttle’s Last Launch for NASA

A Blast From The Past: Space Shuttles Through The Decades

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