Over Time: A Sad Tale of the Mystery of Death

Over Time: A Sad Tale of the Mystery of Death

Over Time is a phenomenal animated short film by the directing team of Oury Atlan, Thibaut Berland and Damien Ferrie from the French animation school Supinfoco. The film is simply amazing; accomplished CG is used to animate, and a black-and-white palette with a powerful musical score lend its finest scenes a haunting, operatic grandeur.

The film tells the story of the Muppets who continue on after the death of their master, Jim Henson. It presents a heart-rending tale of the sad mystery of death. Common lore holds that the first stage of grief is always denial, but that’s the only possibility if you’re not even able to conceive of death (such as in the case of a young child).  It’s as if you were a puppet, and your own creator died. You could just valiantly try to bring him back to life, the same way he once did with you.

And so it is in Over Time, where the small fabric puppets find their creator lying on his bench, dead. But our sad little creatures don’t understand that he died, for they had never been confronted with such a concept. Instead, they devote all of their subsequent efforts to incorporate Henson’s body into their own daily routine, as they very slowly come to terms with his death.

Over Time: A Sad Tale of the Mystery of Death

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