Flawed: That’s What Makes Life Interesting!

Flawed: That’s What Makes Life Interesting!

Flawed is an impressive personal 12-min. stop-motion animated story told in gorgeous drawings done in black ink and watercolor by Canadian filmmaker Andrea Dorfman. The film has been acclaimed on the festival circuit for a couple of years, winning at the Palm Springs Film Festival, and playing at HotDocs and SilverDocs. It has been one of the jewels of the National Film Board‘s impressive animation catalog, but only now has become available on the web.

Flawed tells a story that is serious, heart-warming yet also heart-breaking, in which Dorfman examines the conflicted feelings that arise when she strikes up a romance with a plastic surgeon. Through an intensely confessional narrative, she discovers that the secret to getting the man to accept her is to learn how to accept herself. The drawings help to keep the story light and visually compelling, while presenting Dorfman’s philosophical take on self-esteem, growing-up, relationships, personal identity and even cosmetic surgery.

Flawed: That’s What Makes Life Interesting!

(Best Viewed in Full-Screen Mode)

(Unfortunately, film rights are for the USA only and thus presently geo-blocked for International audiences)

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