Ironworkers at One World Trade Center: The Sky Cowboys

Photography by: Damon Winter, NYC

Ironworkers at One World Trade Center: The Sky Cowboys

The best view in New York belongs to the fearless ironworkers who are stacking the top floors of the new 1 World Trade Center. The top of 1 World Trade Center, as it stands in mid-August, is just shy of 1,000 feet above Lower Manhattan, higher than anything else on the island’s southern end.

Even among the most elite class of ironworkers that specializes in raising high steel, the 40 or so men who are performing the most dangerous work at 1 World Trade are a kind of special forces. Some of them were among the first wave of volunteers on Sept. 12, 2001, brought in to extract steel from the ruins of the twin towers and who have returned to the site as members of the plumb-up gang. The ironworkers’ almost classically curved human forms of arms, legs and backs express the perseverance that has powered the rise of this new tower, a structure whose symbolic importance is undisputed even if its cost and commercial justification remain dubious.

Viewers can read more about the Ironworkers in the Sky in The New York Times here.

Ironworkers at One World Trade Center: The Sky Cowboys

Photo-Gallery: Ironworkers of the Sky

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