Rihanna’s We Found Love: A Tragic Love-Affair

Rihanna’s We Found Love: A Tragic Love-Affair

We Found Love is the world premier of Rihanna’s sexually charged, clubby smash music video, the apparently autobiographical single from her upcoming sixth album Talk That Talk (to be released on November 21st). The video appears to be an artful, poignant reminiscence about her previous tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown. Shot in Belfast, Ireland, the nearly five-minute music video features Rihanna in a passionate relationship with a muscular young man, played by the British model/boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy.

We Found Love tells the story of a tragic love-affair, exploring the dark underworld of substance abuse, as she and her lover are seen partying, doing drugs, attending raves, swilling booze and ultimately engaging in devastating acts of serious domestic violence. Enjoy the video now, since there’s no way it will be shown on television without extensive censoring.

Rihanna’s We Found Love: A Tragic Love-Affair

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