The Cull: Pain and Beauty All Wrapped Into One

The Cull: Pain and Beauty All Wrapped Into One

The Cull is an acclaimed, powerful short film, directed by English videographer Jonathan Harris at Concept Pictures, which was nominated for Best British Short Film at the 2010 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Soundtracked with the wind, the echoes of manual labor and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, it’s an odd, discomfiting mix in a bleak landscape of pain and beauty, bloodied wool dancing in the wind across a barbed wire fence.

By turns beautiful, austere, and heartbreaking, Harris’ film looks at the tense relationship between a poor farmer in the isolated moors of 1920s northern England, and his sickly, music-loving son. Desperate to continue the family’s farming tradition, the father pushes his son to take on increasingly difficult feats of labor, with devastating consequences.

The Cull: Pain and Beauty All Wrapped Into One

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