All My Dreams on VHS: The Tragedy of Romantic Dreams

All My Dreams on VHS: The Tragedy of Romantic Dreams

If you hoard your dreams,
Someone is going to want to watch them.

All My Dreams on VHS is an awkwardly funny, award-winning short film written and directed by English filmmaker Timothy X Atack. The film won the Audience Award at the 2009 NexT International Film Festival; it was an Official Selection at the 2009 Seattle International Film Festival, the Cambridge Film Festival, the Hamptons International Film Festival, the Austin Film Festival and the Encounters Short Film Festival. The film is a bittersweet comedy about the dangers of letting your subconscious out in the real world.

In All My Dreams on VHS, James brings his lovely co-worker Erica back to his apartment, where she stumbles upon a mountain of VHS tapes. Each tape contains a separate dream with titles like Tourettes Alligator, The Shy Policeman and Hostage Crisis, all recorded using the magical Dreamspoon wireless technology. When James heads out to buy some milk, Erica’s curiosity gets the better of her when she discovers a tape with her name on it. British awkward hilarity ensues, with one surprising turn after another.

All My Dreams on VHS: The Tragedy of Romantic Dreams

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