The Lonely Ghosts of New York City’s Past

The Lonely Ghosts of New York City’s Past

Photography by: Jem Cohen, NYC

The ghostly Polaroids that filmmaker Jem Cohen has taken of New York City over the past 30 years remind him of “a sleepwalker’s view of the city.” The impressionistic images, filled with vaporous landscapes, acid colors, deadpan close-ups and long, lonesome vistas, could be said to capture those parts of the city its residents have forgotten, or even what the city has forgotten about itself.

The same can be observed about Cohen’s short films, NYC Weights and Measures (2006) and Lost Book Found (1996), which capture the lonely solitude that exists beneath the often deafening noise and frantic bustle of the city’s streets.

Read more about Jem Cohen’s work in The New York Times here.

Jem Cohen: Lost Book Found (1996)

Jem Cohen: NYC Weights and Measures (2006)

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