The Ridiculously Absurd Ordeals of Sleeping Betty

The Ridiculously Absurd Ordeals of Sleeping Betty

Sleeping Betty is the award-winning, absurdly humorous and surreal animated short film by Claude Cloutier at The National Film Board of Canada. In a sumptuous palace located in the basement of a house in a working-class neighborhood of Montreal, poor Princess Betty is bedridden and asleep, the victim of a strange case of narcoleptic stupor.

In a panic, the King calls on his subjects to rescue her, appealing to Uncle Henri VIII, Aunt Victoria, an emotional alien, a cool witch and a courageously funky Prince. The worthy Prince has to leave his royal suburb on his valiant steed, making his way to Princess Betty’s bedside on an arduous trip replete with ludicrous adventures. But will the Prince’s sweet kiss really be enough to awaken the sleeping Princess Betty?

Propelled by Claude Cloutier’s signature drawing style and absurdist humor, this anachronistic and playful animated short film sets the Perrault classic tale in Cloutier’s disjointed little kingdom of odd people and surreal habits, which offers the viewer many surprising twists.

The Ridiculously Absurd Ordeals of Sleeping Betty

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