Blinky™: A Twisted, Psychopathic Full-Evil Bloody Robot

Blinky™: A Twisted, Psychopathic Full-Evil Bloody Robot

Soon every home will have a robot helper. Don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe.”

Blinky™ is a wickedly evil 3D-CG animated short horror film by the Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, which has been nominated for Best Narrative Film/Video, live-action narrative fiction told through the medium of film/video, at the 2012 Vimeo Festival +Awards. Robinson broke through to great acclaim with his 3D short film, Fifty Percent Grey, which was nominated for an Oscar in 2002 and followed it up with The Silent City, a post-apocalyptic short film starring Cillian Murphy.

Blinky™ is shot with visual execution that is truly masterful, and the story is as bloody creepy as it gets. The amazing thirteen-minute short film stars Max Records from Where The Wild Things Are and tells the story of an angst-ridden young boy, who is trapped in a well-to-do, yet toxic home environment where his parents are constantly fighting. For Christmas he requests and gets Blinky™, the latest robot friend/home helper. But will the twisted and increasingly sinister Blinky™ actually turn out to be the true friend the distraught boy desperately wants and needs? Well, so sadly, very probably not….

Blinky™: A Twisted, Psychopathic Full-Evil Bloody Robot

(Best Viewed in HD Full-Screen Mode)

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