Creating the Magic Hour: Opening Cómodo

Creating the Magic Hour: Opening Cómodo

Every Thursday night for many months beginning in 2010, Felipe Donnelly and Tamy Rofe invited friends and strangers into their New York City Tribeca apartment for dinner. Each week, six people were offered seats at the long table in the couple’s small one-bedroom home. Donnelly created gourmet Latin-inspired dishes, while Rofe kept the wine glasses full and the guests laughing.

The couple began hosting the weekly dinner parties shortly after they got married, using them as a way to enliven their social lives and give Donnelly an outlet for his cooking ambitions. They also started a blog, called Thursdays at Worth Street, to keep track of recipes and the unique mix of people each dinner attracted.

After some time hosting the increasingly popular dinner parties for strangers in their apartment, the NYC Department of Health took notice and shut them down. Undaunted in their desire to follow their hearts into the world of professional cooking, Tamy and Felipe decided to open a restaurant in Greenwich Village. Opening Cómodo is a documentary short film that tells the story of creating Cómodo, their new little restaurant on MacDougal Street in the village.

Creating the Magic Hour: Opening Cómodo

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