Tufty: An Apocalypto with Teddy Bears

Tufty: An Apocalypto with Teddy Bears

Tufty is an amazing, award-winning short film written and directed by brothers Jason Butler and Brendan Butler, which was produced for Warrior Films through the Filmbase/RTÉ Short Film Award Scheme in 2007. With the holiday season upon us, Tufty provides a heart-wrenching glimpse into the actual origins of teddy bears.

While we’d all like to think our toys come to life when we’re not around, just as they did in Toy Story, Tufty takes an opposite and much more disturbing approach: behind the innocent face of a child’s teddy bear lies a dark and bloody secret. At first glance, Tufty is a cute little bear, a transitional object that is an ideal gift for a young child. But if you return the little teddy bear to its natural habitat, you’ll discover that under his velvet fabric beats a sensitive heart that can flourish under more harmonious conditions.

Tufty: An Apocalypto with Teddy Bears

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