Henry: The Inevitable Verdict of Life

Henry: The Inevitable Verdict of Life

Henry is an emotionally touching short film by Quebec actor Yan England, which is a 2013 Oscar Nominee for Best Live-Action Short Film. The film is about an 84-year-old concert pianist suffering from Alzheimer’s, whose life is thrown into turmoil when his wife mysteriously disappears. The aging musician is tossed between feelings of hope and suffering as he searches in vain for his lost love, while reminiscing about their past together.

Henry, which England financed out of his own pocket, is an ambitious attempt to portray the world of worsening dementia from the inside. Gérard Poirier plays the pianist, Henry, and Louise Laprade portrays his wife, Maria. The 29-year-old England says the film was inspired by the experiences of his own grandfather, who developed Alzheimer’s disease and died three years ago at age 96.

Henry: The Inevitable Verdict of Life (Official Trailer)

Henry: The Inevitable Verdict of Life (Full Version, Fr.)

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