Paperman Wins 2013 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film

Paperman: A Sweet Celebration of Missed Connections

Paperman is a sweet tale of love at first sight, which won the 2013 Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. The groundbreaking 6-minute animated short is a gorgeous black and white classical-looking animation that nostalgically revives the timeless Disney-style of character animation and design. Paperman is the beta test of a potentially momentous shift in animation technology, using a novel new process to create 2D aesthetics in 3D.

Told entirely in pantomime, Paperman is a romantic comedy that tells the story of an ordinary young man who works at an ordinary job, traveling into and out of the city on one of the daily commuter trains. One windy day, he accidentally encounters a pretty young lady, who then boards her own train and vanishes out of his life almost as soon as she entered. Saddened by this brush with what-might-have-been, the man later sits despondently at his desk looking at the huge stack of forms the boss has just dropped into his in-box. But when he happens to glance out the window, he discovers to his great surprise that his dream-girl is at that very moment sitting near an open window in the building directly across the street. What happens next is wonderful, sweet, charming and magical in the best sense of the word.

Paperman: A Sweet Celebration of Missed Connections

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