Sugarman: The Man at the Counter

Sugarman: The Man at the Counter

The Man at the Counter is an award-winning, magically heartwarming short film about life, love and sugar packets, directed by Brian McAllister at Note to Self Films. The film tells the story of a young boy who spends his summer working in a small town coffee shop. The boy notices an old man who comes into the store each day and orders a tall coffee, repeatedly pocketing a number of sugar packets on his way out. As this pattern continues, the boy grows more and more frustrated in trying to solve the mystery of the stolen sugar packets. Finally, the boy confronts the old man, but the answer isn’t at all what he had expected. Eventually, the mystery of the stolen sweeteners leads the boy to discover a new outlook on life, forcing him to cope with some of life’s most basic questions.

Sugarman: The Man at the Counter

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