Thanks to Connecticut’s Daily Column: News, Photos and Weird Stuff

The Daily Column: News, Photos and Weird Stuff

Richie, The Daily Column Owner/Administrator

And They Got Logos Too!!

Every now and then, I notice that there is a surprising increase in the number of readers from Connecticut and surrounding areas to my blog.  They will be coming to see a particular posting, such as this classically foolish object of their present curiosities: A Coney Island of the Mind: The Mermaid Parade.  This leads me to become mindful of the probability that The Daily Column in Connecticut has shown an interest in one of my postings and has pointed their readers this way.

The Daily Column describes itself not only as a daily collection of links to news, photos and weird stuff, but also as a social community with a sense of style that the “OFFICIAL Daily Column MySpace Page” characterizes as “a place where you dont have to pretend to be someone or something your not.”  Of course I can’t speak for you, but I like that thought very much.

And I’d like to extend my deep thanks to the folks over at The Daily Column.  I think that it does a person good to feel that one is appreciated by another, every now and then.

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“Sicko” from Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s Sicko: The 2007 Cannes Film Festival Smash Hit!

Michael Moore’s “Sicko”

(Click Image for Video)

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