Even Now, Here I See Ye

To a Locomotive in Winter

To a Locomotive in Winter

Thee for my recitative,
Thee in the driving storm, even as now, the snow, the winter-day declining,
Thee in thy panoply, thy measur’d dual throbbing and thy beat convulsive,
Thy black cylindric body, golden brass, and silvery steel,
Thy ponderous side-bars, parallel and connecting rods, gyrating, shuttling
at thy sides,
Thy metrical, now swelling pant and roar, now tapering in the distance,
Thy great protruding head-light fix’d in front,
Thy long, pale, floating vapor-pennants, tinged with delicate purple,
The dense and murky clouds out-belching from thy smoke-stack,
Thy knitted frame, thy springs and valves, the tremulous twinkle of thy wheels
Thy train of cars behind, obedient, merrily-following,
Through gale or calm, now swift, now slack, yet steadily careering;
Type of the modern—emblem of motion and power—pulse of the continent,
For once come serve the Muse and merge in verse, even as here I see thee,
With storm and buffeting gusts of wind, and falling snow,
By day thy warning ringing bell to sound its notes,
By night thy silent signal lamps to swing.

Walt Whitman, 1876

An interesting article on Whitman’s poem appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of The Virginia Quarterly Review.

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My Articles for Friday, June 29, 2007

The Chelsea Hotel on West 23d Street in Manhattan is an elegantly shabby Victorian-Gothic hotel, which is registered as a national historic landmark. The Chelsea has a long history of serving as a sanctuary for the the avant-garde.

Through the years, those who lived at the Chelsea have included Jack Kerouac, Arthur Miller, Sam Shepard, Tennessee Williams, Edith Piaf, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Leonard Cohen, Willem de Kooning, Jane Fonda, Janis Joplin, Milos Forman, Jimi Hendrix, Dennis Hopper, Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith, Vladimir Nabokov and Wes Klein. Dylan Thomas drank 18 straight whiskies there, his last. Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey while living there.

Recently, a corporate-style management team has taken over running the Chelsea, and its artist-residents are worried that the hotel will be transformed into a posh New York “boutique” hotel. A national grassroots protest is underway, and this posting is in support of that protest.

The article contains photographs and a video photography composition with music audio (Lou Reed: Walk on The Wild Side).

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Steven Colbert: On Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Steven Colbert: You’re on Notice!

(Click Image for Video)

The only thing worse than an al Qaeda attack would be a gay man stopping that,” quipped discharged gay military linguist Stephen Benjamin to Steven Colbert.  And that pretty much sums up the core of the stupendously ignorant Republican position on gay people, as stated in the official military personnel policy regarding the Iraq war on terror.

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“Sicko” from Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s Sicko: The 2007 Cannes Film Festival Smash Hit!

Michael Moore’s “Sicko”

(Click Image for Video)

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Virginia Tech Killings Report Issued: But Why Do These People Look So Happy?

The Washington Post reports that President Bush received a copy of The Report to the President on Issues Raised by the Virginia Tech Tragedy, on Wednesday, June 13, 2007, in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, D. C..  Pictured here from the left are, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, the President, and Education Secretary Margaret Spellings.

But why on earth are these people looking so happy about it?  Gross.

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The Pentagon’s Gay Bomb

The Pentagon’s Gay Smart Bomb

Well, Maybe Not So Smart.  In Fact, Really, Really Dumb.

From Andrew Sullivan at The Atlantic Magazine:

“Yes, the military was seriously considering a project for a bomb that could turn enemy soldiers gay, and thereby presumably make them a less lethal foe.  This was in 1994.  And we wonder why the top brass couldn’t cope with openly gay servicemembers?”

Actually, the Pentagon’s pretty dumb. Exxstasy Margaritas would have been more economical, and probably much more effective.

Pentagon Confirms Gay Bomb Rumors

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My Articles for Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last night in Washington, D.C., Obama unveiled a powerful campaign theme, destined to lead his charge toward winning the presidential campaign. “This is not who we are,” he twice inserted into his speech.

Obama alone has put a finger upon the very question Americans are asking. They will be listening attentively and hopefully to his vision about who we could be.

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There was a time when it was assumed that God had created a perfectly ordered the universe. In that universe, we assumed that each thing had its own place, clustered with other things like it, but also each essentially different from the other things in the cluster. The clusters were themselves clustered, creating a Tree of Everything.

Today, the idea of a perfectly ordered universe is gone. The task of creating world order has become something like: Go forth and Lump and Split. “Lumpers” take disparate things and combine. “Splitters” separate two things that are lumped together into smaller categories.

Bloggers and other social taggers tend to be one or the other, with their techniques driven by personality. So, go forth taggers: Lump and Split.

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Whenever I read a book, someone is speaking with me in their absence. Somewhat like being in a dream, I am hearing things, but there is no sound. The many advances of modern technology make us forget how truly incredible it is that people can communicate with us in their absence and after their deaths.

Reading a book allows us to touch upon a self one is true to in solitude, versus the self one is true to in the company of others. Beautiful photographs accompany this article.

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